Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our usual timings for delivery are between 08:00 AM and 03:00 PM everyday. We will make our best efforts to get your orders delivered at the mentioned time, however its not guaranteed due to extra ordinary circumstances.
All products are prepared in our own bakery. All orders for bread items are prepared in night shifts starting from evening till early morning and delivered fresh during our regular delivery timings. All dessert items, gluten-free items, savories & cookies are prepared in day shift starting from early morning till evening.
We deliver in selected areas of South Delhi and Gurugram. See our Delivery information and policy page for list of delivery areas and delivery charges.
We deliver free for orders above INR 500/- in areas under radius of 10 K.M. from our location. For certain areas minimum order amount may vary. See our Delivery information and policy page for more information.
Yes we make gluten-free products which you can find in our Shop. We maintain best possible practices for production of gluten-free items. We do not make sugar-free items as naturally it is not possible to completely separate sugar from the items we make.
For baked items like Breads, Buns, Pastries, Cakes & Dry cakes, Muffins generally it is 3 days. Some items have longer shelf life which may include Savories, cookies, ingredients etc. You may find shelf life information of each product on product's page.
If, for any reason you wish to re-arrange the date of your order, Swiss Gourmessa will try it’s best to accommodate these changes without any additional charges, provided sufficient notice is given and we are able to provide ordered items for the re-arranged order date. All changes must be intimated via email or phone and only after a confirmed reply will it be applicable. Changes to the order must be confirmed in written or in-person one day prior pick up or delivery by 06:30 PM. If the order is already in process or has been prepared there is no possibility to reschedule the order. Above conditions are not applicable for Bulk/Party/Event orders.
Our products are made in our own bakery. We use fresh and high quality ingredients, some of these are imported to maintain the authenticity and taste of the products. Our recipes have not changed over 10 years that is a proof of its quality. These are prepared along with orders that cater to large corporate establishments, cafes and reputed institutions such as Embassies and missions of different nations in New Delhi.
Since we do not use any preservatives or chemicals, shelf-life for majority of our products is 3 days. We recommend refrigerating our products during months other than winters. It will help in maintaining the quality and taste of product. Refrigeration is not needed for some of the products like Savories and Cookies.
We supply largely to Business 2 Business (B2B) clients. We can supply you items from our regular menu, also we do custom products if there is a guaranteed larger quantity supplies. We do offer wholesale rates. Payment would start COD. Please call Mr. Sanyam Mishra at +91 9810307440 for B2B inquiries.
We are an Indian Private Limited company started by a great joint effort of a group that included Swiss, German and Indian food lovers. We do not have any other unit than mentioned on our contact us page. Currently it is owned and operated by directors jointly which include Mr. Sanyam Mishra who is a food enthusiast.